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We can make multiple, digital, identical copies, that can be played-back on a conventional DVD or Blu-Ray disc player, in a matter of four hours, or less.  We  do  not copy/duplicate/convert any COPYWRITTED optical disc or media 

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Our Daily Focus

At, AB Video Productions in Culver City, we provide, videotape conversion procedures to transfer Hi8 to DVD services, we conduct in them with an artistry, to produce professional results.

On every project run to convert Hi8 to DVD transfer sessions, we automatically make it a practice to dub / run the entire tape onto the DVD recorder, to assure that absolutely all of the programming content is transferred to YOUR DVD / digital investment.

In addition, our video editor's are committed providing their professional expertise with gracious detail.  All work is, such as Hi8 to MP4 digital conversions, DVD Authoring or Digital Slide Show creation, is conducted in our Culver City facilities. Which means, most projects, can be completed in less than five hours.


We serve all of Culver City, Los Angeles and Santa Monica...

These goals are PARAMOUNT...

5950 Buckingham Parkway. Culver City, CA

Our Goal


With US, we never forget this is YOUR digital video coverage.

YOU are welcome out to our facility in Culver City (Picture on the right, we are a home business).

There YOU have the option to decide the outcome of your video.

YOU are the Director and the Utmost Boss !

All work is done on our premises.  

Which means a, better/improved efficiency and translates into a better, higher quality video product...

This policy, also means a quick (one day) turn-around, on most projects.  

From Videography to VHS to DVD transfers to DVD duplication and more...

Hi8 to DVD dubbing bay

" We, are Negotiable... "

Our commitment, to you, is, to,
always, "AIM TO PLEASE".

And, Wedding Videography is our specialty.

In addition, we can design a production,
post or conversion package
to fit your budget

Our customers
always come back
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We love our customers, so feel free to visit during normal business hours.


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